We are Located on the east end of Evanston, WY just off Exit 6 of I-80


Jody’s DINER

260 Bear River Dr.

Evanston, WY 82930


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260 Bear River Dr, Evanston, WY 82930


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  1. My husband has a great idea for the eclipse. “Sun and moon burger”. Put the bottom bun, a piece of cheese, then the burger open face with the top bun off to the side. Serve it with SunChips or, arrange the fries in a star burst off to the side. Or onion rings as planets or something like that. We just ate at your restaurant today and I just have to say, the food was awesome! ! So was the service and hospitality! Call it the Sun and Moon burger.
    Just a suggestion on what looks to be a busy weekend for you! ! We wish you much success.
    T – T Auger.

  2. We have family which lives in Evanston. We come all the way from Illinois and the place is great!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!! See you in the end of March!!!!

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